Christina W., R.Ac, RMT

Christina practices acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and therapeutic massages currently. Born in a TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) family background, She had always been inspired by the healing power of TCM remedies and inherited the passion to help people with various health concerns. She strongly believes in the holistic therapy to achieve the balance of body, mind and spirit. Her specialty is the acupuncture practice to treat pain of muscles and joints, headaches, indigestion, post-stroke, insomnia, anxiety, to name a few.

Raymond K., Clinical Health Consultant, RMT

Raymond has been practicing in TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) healthcare fields for over 10 years in Calgary. Before he moved to Canada, Raymond had been a master of Acupuncture and Qi-Gong in mainland China for over 25 years. His profound TCM knowledge and skills helped thousands of people regain quality of life. These health issues include but are not limited to respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular dysfunctions, soft tissue injuries, muscle aches, shoulder and hip joint pain, headaches, nerve rooted inflammations, etc. Raymond cares for his patients and always dedicates to finding the best treatment for them.

Dala L., RMT

Dala came from Laos. Her cultural background deeply enriched her genuine Traditional Thai Massage techniques. Dala is an expert in Traditional Thai massage. Thai Massage is considered being very effective in reconnecting the energy of the body, mind, and spirit. The practitioner performs this treatment on a comfortable floor mat, progresses through various poses, stretching and strokes, helping the client slowly release muscle tension and increase range of motion. Dala’s expertise also includes her phenomenal deep tissue, Swedish relaxation, hot stone, head and foot massages. 

June Wisayan, RMT

June(Lalita) is a very diligent and skilled RMT. Coming from Thailand, June started her massage practice in Canada since 20 years ago. She was professionally trained in Thai yoga and oil massage, a very unique ancient art in traditional Thai culture. June’s expertise has brought her great success in the massage career. Many of her clients have benefited from her combination of deep tissue and Thai stretching skills during the massage treatments. June’s massage skills are very effective in relief of the body tension, soreness also the enhancement of mobility and flexibility.

Yen Pun, Certified Esthetician

Yen is an internationally certified and experienced esthetician. She has been in the beauty and makeup industry for about 18 years and absolutely loves her job! Through years of skin products research and practice of hands-on skin care, Yen has gained outstanding trust and feedback from her clients. Yen’s specialties include: Facial Analysis and Treatment, Relaxation Body Massage, Hydra Peeling, RF Lifting, lash Extensions, Lash Lifting, Nail Care, Makeup, Waxing & Paraffin Treatment.

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